revealing the treasures
of Azerbaijan

Day #2:

Today you will visit

  • The ancient Albanian temple
  • Shaki-Khans palace of 17th c,
  • Some of artisan grocery stores
  • Caravanserais of 18th century. 

Ancient church of st. Elisha

Your first stop is an ancient Christian church built in 12th century, located in Kish village. You will find that before the arrival of Islam in this region, the descendants of the ancient Albanians lived here, who adopted Christianity from the holy apostle St. Elisha.

A cozy house-museum of Azerbaijani writer, educator, poet, materialist philosopher and public figure, founder of national drama and literary criticism, Mirza Fatali Akhundov.

Akhundov's house museum

Mirza Fatali Akhundov was born in this house and spent his childhood and adolescence here. This is the first memorial museum opened in Azerbaijan.

Nearby you’ll see two magnificent Caravanserais, which miraculously have survived up to this day.

Caravanserai (the Caravansary)

One is a two-story inn with its own inner garden where merchants and foreigners could stop and trade during their stay. The first floor of the inn served as trading point and warehouses, and the second floor was intended for housing.
the SEBA company wants to draw the scientists’ attention to this rare find.. so the excavations are underway here but, same as in Kish, you can observe the burial places of unusually tall people.

Chuhur-Gabala, an ancient city

Chuhur-Gabala is a small fishing village that breeds Caspian salmon, a class of ray-finned chordates. It is an endangered, rare subspecies. On the territory of the village are the remains of the castle and buildings of the ancient city, the capital of Caucasian Albania.
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