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Ganja : mysterious Treasure

Ganja is the capital of the ancient Ganja Khanate, the first who opposed the Russian Empire during the battles of 1802-03. The city carries both oriental traditions and modern buildings. The birthplace of the most famous Azerbaijani poet Nizami, whose poems have been translated into more than 500 languages. The ancient city gates are still kept in Georgia in a monastery. . Visit this amazing place

modern Baku : Metropolis

Аs well as different cultures can coexist in this hospitable country, so Baku city has collected oriental monuments of architecture, ancient mosques and futuristic buildings.

old Baku : Inner City

We will start our tour at the gates of the old city, you will find out why people call it Inner City and the gates are doubled. Then, just as entire caravans passed along the Great Silk Road, we will pass through the Shamakhi Gate. While getting closer to Maiden Tower, you will learn about oriental traditions and wedding rites, religious differences and tolerance of people, national costumes and local cuisine.

Gobustan : ancient carvings

The country is thought to have nearly 400 mud volcanoes and while they never grow to the size of normal volcano, some believe these perpetual flames are deeply related to Zoroastrianism burst in Azerbaijan about 2,000 years ago. Besides that, there are over 140 offshore mud volcanoes within the Caspian Sea.

Sheki : explore Azerbaijan

Travel to Sheki, a charming city located in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains. Visit the Sheki Khan's Palace, an exquisite architectural masterpiece. Explore the History Museum to learn about the region's rich history and traditions. Discover the craftsmanship of local artisans at the Caravanserai and visit local bazaar. Enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding mountains and visit the nearby Kish village, known for its ancient Albanian church.

Atasqah : Zoroastrian sacred

Since ancient times it was a sacred place for fire worshippers, and Zoroastrians attributed mystical significance to the Temple of Eternal Fire. The present temple was constructed in the 18th by the Hindu community based in Baku, renovated and transformed to a museum in 20th cent.

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