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Hello there! I am Mark, a tour guide in Baku and its environs. I have lived most of my life in Israel, but was born and raised in Baku, I love this city and well acquainted with its history and culture;
I am fluent in 3 languages (including Hebrew), familiar with the Israeli mentality, help tourists with transfers, accommodation, currency exchange and other issues.

I sincerely wish you get to know Baku and Azerbaijan a little closer than just tourists.
We will walk along the Great Silk Road and explore unfamiliar cities, taste completely new dishes and try special spices of oriental cuisine, look inside of cozy workshops of the local masters, plunge into our country's past and see where Orient meets Europe.

Hey, I almost forgot! 🙂
Before turning to a guide I was a photographer, well actually, I still remain the one, so that's why there are cool pictures here and there, and this ensures you getting cool photos of your visit.

Hope to see and host in Azerbaijan!
Sincerely yours, Mark.

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join the most ancient adventure to northwestern Azerbaijan and get to know artisans' ancient city


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